Artstar by Laura Stone

Frequently Asked

What makes your work different? 

Our images are first and foremost about the experiences of the people in the photographs. We tell their story, in hopes that the images allow the story to be revisisted, relived, and shared over many years to come. In terms of visual style, I am most interested in creating photographs that will not look dated in a few years. To this end, I draw on my background in fine art and classic photo composition. 

How will you approach photographing our wedding? 

Before each wedding begins, I know I'll never see the same thing twice. If I challenge myself to respond directly to the environment and people in it I will have the opportunity to create something that could only happen in that moment.  

Do you shoot alone?  

I always work with a talented supporting photographer. Even the smallest weddings benefit from photos captured at different view points or in entirely different places.  

Will you take classic family and wedding party formal photos? 

We will! We understand how important these become over time and we are careful to include everyone who should be in formal photos with you. We shoot these as effeciently as possible, either before or after the ceremony according to your preference.  

Will we receive our digital negatives?  

For your safe-keeping and peace of mind we provide a flash drive of your complete digital negatives.  

What kind of albums do you offer? 

Your album is only limited by your imagination. Fabric, leather, vegan, and metal covers are all available in flush or matted designs.  

We love your work, will you photograph our wedding? 

I'd love to!